We create elegant intuitive apps that simplify processes in the work place and enrich your experience outside of it


Our Enterprise Solutions simplify your processes and enable effective monitoring at every level in the field for government and private companies. The use of GPS or beacons is an integral part of our applications to ensure traceability. Our mobile apps give your employees the tools they need to do their job better



Our Consumer Applications are rich in design and high in quality providing users with a classy experience. We provide information in a way that helps our users take an informed decision. Whether it's your favourite wine or a boat that you like, our apps provide exactly what you need to know at the swipe of a finger



iOS and android platform

Our expertise lies in creating efficient and easy to use mobile applications on the iOS and Android platforms on both smartphone and tablet devices. With a keen attention to detail and a comprehensive testing and debugging process, you can stay assured that our mobile applications score top marks in terms of their quality and reliability



Beacons are small wireless devices capable of sharing information within a range of 70 meters. Smartphones within range can detect beacons and estimate their precise location. This technology has the potential to revolutionize the way we interact with our surroundings. Some of our solutions utilize beacons as they provide more precise information compared to GPS


DATA Analytics

Whether the end product is custom reports or charts and graphs, our applications can be customized and enable you to translate the information captured into meaningful trends and results. We work with organizations to determine the appropriate level of analytics required before providing a collaborative solution that fits the needs of all stakeholders


Cloud Storage and Security

Storage has always been an issue with companies expending unnecessary time and resources in storing and backing up their data. Thanks to cloud storage service providers, anyone can now store information and access it immediately regardless of location. We use state of the art cloud storage providers to house your data and manage it securely through our expertise in enterprise grade security protocols


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