What is AirSenze

Located on the shore of beautiful Vancouver Island - Canada, our company designs some of the most futuristic Mobile Applications that speak for themselves.

We specialise in Low Energy Bluetooth or Smart Beacon technology that converts physical spaces into a digitally connected environment where even Air makes Sense. What if the walls could talk or doors whisper? Ask us how.

Our Apps can be used by any business or non-profit that benefits from seamless interaction with visitors in proximity.  BoatSenze is our very first commercial Mobile app geared towards high-end Yacht and Boat sales.

What we do


We design experience, one that is rich and engaging. Our software enables our clients to communicate with customers in proximity, while having access to live KPIs related to visitor's movement inside the business premises.    

By implementing the latest Beacon BLE technology, we develop Location Centric Mobile  Apps that are capable of :

  • Indoor Navigation

  • Proximity Analytics

  • Wireless Payments

  • Mobile Marketing

  • Contextual Information

  • Micro-location Targeting

What is Smart Beacon

Beacons from Estimote Inc. 

Beacons from Estimote Inc. 

It is a small wireless device capable of sharing information within a range of 70 meters. All Smartphones present nearby can listen to Beacons and estimate their precise location. This technology will revolutionize the way we interact with our surroundings.

Imagine walking into an art gallery and receiving information about the painting you are watching or your smartphone popping out a menu of the restaurant you just entered. Smart Beacons have many real world applications and we are here to be part of this sprawling ecosystem.


It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.
— Charles Darwin

Do you know the main reason why blockbuster went bankrupt? It turns out that their executives strongly believed that video cassettes were the way of the future. The world is evolving and so are your customer preferences and expectations. These days, almost 80% of your customers carry smartphones and demand information on the go. Thus, we believe in empowering Businesses with technical tools to connect with their customers in an innovative and result driven ways.


Welcome to the Change   -----   Welcome to the Beacon World 


Do you feel intrigued? Let's talk. You can connect with us, call us or follow us to learn more about how we can assist you.