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As a means of protection against floods and environmental hazards, dikes play a critical role in safety. With natural disasters needing no invitation, it is imperative that dike inspection be carried out regularly and comprehensively. Current dike and dam inspection processes across all provinces or states, although detailed in their design, are lacking in terms of monitoring and reporting of inspections

next gen inspection process

The Dike Inspection and Dam Inspection mobile apps offer a convenient, easy to use solution that provides inspectors with the means to quickly and effortlessly complete the inspection process and send reports. The apps automate the list of various checks and comments that are currently being completed by inspectors on paper forms, allowing inspectors to immediately complete, file and send inspection reports to their supervisors or engineering teams. The Dike Inspection and Dam Inspection applications use GPS to record the time and location at which the inspection was made ensuring traceability and compliance with the inspection process




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Ensure standardized inspection and reporting alongside location traceability with the Dike Inspection and Dam Inspection Apps.  It's so simple and intuitive, it'll save you a world of collecting and compiling paperwork. We understand that inspection processes vary across different jurisdictions. Our apps are customizable to include varying regulatory requirements 

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