Frequently Asked Questions


What are Beacons, iBeacons or Smart Beacons?

All of the three terms above are used in reference for a small wireless device that can broadcast Bluetooth Low Energy BLE signals to smartphones within a radius of about 70 meters. IBeacons is a registered trademark of Apple Computers Inc.


How does a beacon work?

Beacons are based on a revolutionary low energy Bluetooth technology that do not drain battery or require upfront pairing with smartphones as needed for traditional Bluetooth devices. Beacons continuously transmit encrypted signals that are picked up by smartphones in proximity. These signals can be used to detect precise location of smartphones or mapped with media files to broadcast contextual information.  


What are the costs involved?

The hardware cost for beacons is from $30 to $40 per device based on the quantity ordered. The cost for Mobile app development depends on case by case basis. Our beacons have a range of about 70 meters with a battery life of approximately 2 years. Additionally these wireless devices are water proof and weather resistant.


How can I use beacons in my Business?

The possibilities with mobile apps based on Beacons are enormous. On the consumer side, beacons generate vivid user experience by providing indoor navigation along with contextual information and offers based on location. For business owners, we provide a range of proximity metrics like daily walk-in customers, indoor movement pattern, average time spent in a specific business section and much more.


How do you ensure data security and user privacy?

It is worth mentioning that beacons only emit an encrypted bit code that makes no sense to a normal user. Our mobile application maps this code internally with the data kept on secure servers that could also be your business servers. Thus even if any hacker gets access to the bit code, it is of no use without the mapping information or server rights.


What is the time involved in app development?

We have created some standard software libraries that can be re-used for rapid software development. We estimate the development time for a standard business application to be anywhere from 2 to 5 months. Our offshore support team in India assists us in dramatically reducing the time for app development; however we do not promise exact numbers. Contact us today to get a free quote.