We are currently doing business under our new legal corporate name FreshWorks Studio and you can find details of all our latest projects on our FreshWorks website. We have been operating under FreshWorks brand since January 2016. Our corporate legal name has been changed from AirSenze Solutions Inc. to FreshWorks Studio Inc. in August 2017.


We connect the physical and digital worlds through elegant, intuitive applications. Instead of struggling to keep up with the digital revolution, let us enrich your transformation with our visionary approach.


Change can be scary, but it doesn’t have to be. Our enterprise solutions simplify the journey for large-scale organizations that have technological gaps to close. We can take your employees mobile with our cutting-edge application development for iOS and Android, or elevate your current solution with GPS and beacon technology to ensure traceability at all times. By giving your employees the tools they need, they can get back to what they do best.



You’ve got a great idea, and we’ve got a great team. Our consumer applications for iOS, Android and the web are rich in design and better in deployment. We can connect you with users in their preferred mobile environment, provide information at critical points in the consumer journey, and utilize cutting-edge location services. We make the most of every digital ecosystem to ensure a seamless experience from search to purchase.



Our Capabilities

Go Mobile with iOS and Android

We’re experts at creating efficient and easy to use mobile applications for smartphones and tablets. With our collaborative process you’ll be involved in every step from ideation to deployment. You can sleep easy knowing that our applications go through a comprehensive testing and debugging process, and that we’re so confident in our ability to deliver an excellent product we  include 90 days of free maintenance following your application’s release.

Analyse Everything

Capture everything with our customizable analytics suite. We’ll work with you to determine the appropriate level of analytics required before designing a solution that fits the needs of all your stakeholders. Our applications can do everything from produce meaningful charts and graphs to sending recorded device information directly to your database. We can pull and push data from APIs or help construct one for you.


Embrace the Cloud

Servers can be expensive, and administrators for them even more so. Stop wasting time and money by switching to the cloud! Now, you can securely store data and information in the cloud, to be accessed anytime and anywhere by your team or users. We use state of the art storage providers to house and manage your data, which when combined with our expertise in enterprise-grade security protocols means absolute peace of mind for organizations of all sizes.  


Find Anything with Beacons

Location is everything. Our team specializes in integrating beacon technology with our applications, which enables precise and reliable tracking of your business needs. More precise than GPS, beacons are small, wireless devices capable of sharing information to a smart device within a range of 70 metres. Once detected, the smart device can estimate and log their exact location to be beamed wherever you’d like. From surveying to consumer tracking, our technology can give you exacting metrics on just about anything.


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