Lead Booster for Boat Dealers.
App for Boat Buyers.

Engage Customers with Location Specific Content        

Mobile Application is location centric It means that app greets users with your branding and personalized messages whenever they are present near your sales office.

Showcase all your product offerings in this aesthetically designed app that will surely engage customers and get you more inquiries. It’s in the details. The innovations. The complete experience. 


Serve Customers 24*7     Make More Sales


Ever wondered how your customers get information when salesman are not around or perhaps busy with other clients. Our iBeacon (Bluetooth technology) enabled mobile app ensures that you are interacting with customers 24*7.

Boat buyers simply stand close to a boat and all its information with images is automatically loaded on their smartphones.                                                  

Yeah, It works like MAGIC!


New Channel to Interact & Connect with Customers


Reach more customers and generate greater engagement with a presence on Mobile App.

Its Simple - Customers find you on Maps - Browse through your Boats - Make direct enquiries.

Our App has a global user base that translates to global customer base.



Know your Customers Social Integration

Social media integration helps you to know more about customer's interest and needs.

Deliver personalised services tailored according to customer profiles.

Give it a try!    Its totally worth it.