The Slippery Side of Grease

Current Problem scenario

Good food comes at a cost. And it's not just the cost of your bill. Grease from Food Service Establishments (FSE's), if disposed directly in your city or town's sewer system can lead to blockages. Municipal services have to spend thousands of tax dollars (millions in big cities) annually in grease build up related cleanups. It is therefore imperative that grease be disposed off safely

The Importance of Source Control

Grease build up and expensive cleaning services can be avoided through the efficient monitoring of grease discharge at the source. However, currently the grease inspection process leaves a lot to be desired. In the absence of current and updated information, municipal inspectors face challenges to maintain desired levels of control and carry out accurate inspections without precise information. Here's a video that gives insight to the problem in a major North American city

The Solution

Source Compliance enables and enforces compliance through regular inspection and monitoring tools to waste haulers and municipal inspectors. Our solution provides tools for bylaw officers for instant, and up to date continuous tracking of individual grease interceptors for compliance. Bylaw officers can view waste generator locations on an easy to use mapping system. All data is permanently stored and readily available for co‐relation between sewer incidents, grease interceptor locations and service history 

Save at least 45% time spent on Field inspections by Using mobile App 

Mobile App for Service Providers

Mobile App for Government Inspectors


Source Compliance is a sophisticated yet easy to use system made for regulators to ensure an efficient enforcement program for municipalities. 

Grease Interceptor Reporting

Waste Haulers


Record grease trap cleaning data quickly on your smartphone through the Source Compliance mobile app. Choose the restaurant that you are servicing from the list of nearby restaurants shown in the app. Fill in the checklist, check on "inspection conducted" when done


GPS TAGGED & Paperless

All reports are GPS tagged. Email a copy of the inspection report to yourself, clients or the office with just a tap of a button. All of the inspection data is also saved automatically on a secure cloud



Every municipality or region is different, and so are the protocols of grease interceptor cleaning. The app can be customized to suit unique data needs or municipal regulations

OFfline storage

Source Compliance works even without internet access. The mobile app intelligently stores all the inspection data on your smartphone, which is then uploaded to the cloud whenever internet access is available



At a glance, see all the information about each grease interceptor installed at a particular restaurant, such as location, dimensions,  notes, last inspection remarks etc. 



Inspection logs are more meaningful with photos and remarks. You can take multiple photos and caption them within the inspection report ensuring data transparency


Grease Interceptor Monitoring


restaurants on map

Instantly see all compliant and non-compliant restaurants on an interactive map. Select a restaurant to pull up the logs of all historical inspections, and analyze its compliance trends



Seamlessly share inspection data across different organizations or public entities. Municipal Inspectors, Service Providers and Restaurant Owners can collaborate on a common platform

Verify Inspections

Browse "before" and "after" images of grease trap and interceptor servicing by waste haulers to ensure traceability and understand the level of F.O.G. awareness with FSEs


inspection remarks

When you're out there making an inspection, discover FSE's in your vicinity, note remarks and upload your inspection remarks log straight to your desk without having to enter your notes again


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