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WineInsider is a comprehensive mobile app that provides information about all the wine events happening around you. Excellent for convention centres and exhibitions, the app allows users to browse through different collections and vintages, access ratings and reviews and navigate to the ideal choice of wine

The use of beacon technology enables detection of winery in proximity

The use of beacon technology enables detection of winery in proximity

How it works

With the use of Beacon technology, WineInsider lets you know which wine exhibitors are in proximity and the vintages on display as soon as you approach a stand

The app provides detailed information about wineries and wines and allows users to take notes, order wines, rate wines and even share it with their friends and loved ones

The app can also allow wineries to contact users after the event with specials or more information


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The Vancouver International Wine Festival Experience

Team AirSenze was there at the Vancouver International Wine Festival in February 2015 to debut the WineInsider App. Here are some pictures and stats that describe our experience and success


Setting Up at the convention centre

Beacons are inexpensive devices capable of short range transmission using bluetooth within a range of 70m. We began with configuring beacons with the database of wineries and vintages. We then installed the configured beacons at each independent winery's stand. This was done for a total of 170 wineries and 850 vintages!


during the festival

We set ourselves up at the Festival and explained how the app worked to different users. We received numerous downloads and favourable reviews. Users complemented the app praising its features that provide a more enriching experience


Success at the Festival

The Vancouver International Wine Festival is one of the premium Wine Festivals in North America. Total footfall during the days of the exhibition was approximately 20,000. The WineInsider App received close to 1,000 downloads in a period of 5 days. There was great demand for an Android version which would have boosted download figures significantly. Suffice to say, the organizers were pleased to work with us and the feeling was mutual



We used our experience at the Wine Festival to generate analytics including foot traffic in the form of a heat map, the number of products on display that were used, ratings and number of favourites, number of inquiries and shares


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